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Many can say the current situation of race within America over the past year or so has built a large amount of tension between american citizens based on recent events that have happened. Many people have mixed feelings towards our country because we haven’t necessarily made the proper adjustments in adapting to the acceptance of race. Arguably race and opportunities can mostly go hand-in-hand here in America in a variety of ways for everyone. The opportunities America has are almost endless but does being a specific race put a brick wall in front of them? In Brakkton Booker’s article called “How Equal Is American Opportunity? Survey Shows Attitudes Vary By Race,” Booker utilizes statistics to represent what people think about opportunities…show more content…
For instance Booker states “A majority of blacks and whites (60 percent and 74 percent respectively) also said local race relations have not changed. But perceptions of whether that lack of change should be viewed as a good or bad thing varied depending on the race of the respondent” (Booker). Hence the statistics prove more or less about what has not happened than what has happened in America. Depending on the race of the respondent, it changed the overall agreement levels from everyone. Some would say that change will be beneficial and some would say things are fine the way they are. Now their opinion can be based off of their living conditions and lifestyle in certain ways at the moment but it does not fully explain that. Furthermore the article provides additional statistics such as a huge agreement between African-Americans and whites. The agreement would be on how the media gets across its information about African- Americans to the public is not fair at all. No matter what method of media either like television, radio, internet ,and etc. For instance Booker claims, “By wide margins, both African-Americans (14 percent yes to 84 percent no) and whites (27 percent yes to 67 percent no) say the media does not provide a fair portrayal of the races equally” (Booker). Booker is mainly referring that the results of the poll claim that media portrayal isn’t always true at all in most cases about race. With Booker claiming that this was one of the only subject areas where a majority of the two races agree with each other it makes this a very essential stat in determining on where we stand as a country on

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