How Does Water Affect Aboriginal Culture

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Culture In our culture water isn’t seen as part of us. It isn’t seen as the thing which looked after us and shaped our culture over the years. In Indigenous culture water is seen as if it were family or another person. They look after it and make sure it is clean and healthy. Water is a major part of life in Indigenous culture. Water flows through the culture. They talk about water and rivers as being the one thing which sustained life and their identity. Indigenous people of have a deep connection to the land and some say an even deeper connection with water; they see themselves as part of the river system, they treat water like it is family and look after it like a family would. Water is precious them because it looked after and helped their ancestors, which means it helped get them here. They see it as their blood and the blood of their ancestors. Water’s health is so important, they feel that they are responsible for looking after it, in the same way the water looked after them in the past. Spiritual…show more content…
They have a strong commitment to take care of their country, so that when it is suffering everything else suffers; people’s spiritual, economic and cultural health. Many stories of the dreaming and how the land was created, are told with some significant event with water in them. Some very well known dreaming stories are the Murray Cod dreamtime story, which describes and honours how the Murray River was made and the Rainbow Serpent. which tells the story of how Australia was flat and how the Rainbow Serpent, Goorialla made rivers and mountains. One of the rivers he made was the Swan River. These stories have passed down generation after generation and are still being passed to next generation. These have been seen as some the oldest continuing beliefs worldwide and show the respect and aspirations of water in Aboriginal

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