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Go ask Alice is a fiction book which was written by Beatrice Sparks in a diary format. The author is also anonymous revealing her personal journal of being an addict. The book takes space in the 1960s-1970s. It is a story about a young 15 year old drug abuser. In the beginning of the story, Alice was a typical middle class teenager who lives freely and only thinks with boys diet and popularity. She had a lot of self esteem and was always a happy girl. Her life was completely changed since her family moves to a new town where she found herself less popular and become isolated from the new world. She started writing this diary to express feelings since she did not really have a real friend to talk to. She just feel unhappy and always want to…show more content…
Then she sought drugs more desperately and got hooked on different drugs such as marijuana, amphetamines and having random sexual intercourse with men during that summer. Even though she had tried many times to stop but still ended up going back to drugs again. Her addiction became uncontrollable. The "innocent" girl turned her life upside down and got trapped in a world of pusher (drug dealer), prostitutes and many immature teens. Throughout the diary, she confronted many conflicts of loving the drugs, feeling isolated and depressed, but sometimes she is contradicted by hating herself for taking them and wanting to quit. She had run several times and then returns home for restarting a new life. However, she relapsed over and over. At the end, she died of an drug overdose three weeks after the last entry of the…show more content…
It fascinates people to escape the world that they fears and horrify them with un- imaginable side effects and consequences. For instances, when Alice had LSD on her peanuts, she got severely paranoid and saw worms eating her brain. She started scratches the skin of her body. Even the LSD worn off, she was still very anxious and lost her mind of thinking those worms eating her body. This effect lasted for 10days in her body system. Even after moving back home to start a new life, she sometimes lost consciousness and fell into a daydream. These are side effects caused by LSD residue in the spinal cavity. She also experienced the effect of depression and feeling of social isolation. In addition, sometimes she experienced unpleasant "flashbacks" of old memories from her grandparent's death. I feel it is very difficult for drug addicts to get out of these stages because she cannot control her mind; these drugs completely control and take over her. I like this book because it describes a true tale of seductive drugs are for anyone of any ages. I think the title is a message for everyone who uses drugs. If anyone want to know anything about drugs, they can "go ask Alice" by reading this

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