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Social classes normally revolve around one’s income but it can also do with their setting, whether it be time and/or place. The story starts out with the rich versus the poor. A poor man, Leonard Vole, is accused of killing a rich elderly woman, Miss Emily French. During that time period it was odd for a rich elderly woman to be affiliated with a poor young man unless there was something else going on, such as an affair. Mr. Vole immediately dismissed that rumor when he was being questioned for the murder. Mr. Vole said their relationship was more like a mother and a son, Mr. Vole told Mr. Mayherne, “…after the third or fourth visit I found myself getting genuinely fond of the old thing. My mother died when I was young, an aunt brought…show more content…
Mr. Vole enjoyed having a mother figure in his life and he helped her do things that she supposedly did not understand; such as finances. Mr. Vole stated that he had no idea that he was in Miss French’s will. Mr. Mayherne had already spoken to Miss Janet Mackenzie, Miss French’s maid, and she stated the opposite. Mr. Vole tried to make it seem like Miss Mackenzie was bitter about not receiving the money by saying “Janet is an elderly woman. She was a faithful watchdog to her mistress, and she didn’t like me. She was jealous and suspicious,” (106). Mr. Vole tried to make it seem like another poor person was being greedy about the money as well. Mr. Mayherne interviewed Mr. Vole’s wife and that gave Leonard the alibi he needed to get away with the murder. Another example of social class being judged by their setting is the “poor woman” that Mr. Mayherne went to meet. This woman lived in a dump-like area of town called Shaw’s Rents. Mr. Mayherne received a poorly written note from this woman named, “Missis Mogson.” This woman could provide Mr. Mayherne with some valuable information but he was reluctant to trust her because she was in a lower social class. This woman was only in it for the money; Mr. Mayherne promised her twenty pounds in return for her letter that

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