Charles Lindbergh: The Father Of Flight

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Charles Lindbergh is one of the most famous pilots in aviation history and exemplified America’s feeling of defiance of limitation and adventure. He inspired a generation to take to the skies and dream big. He became the world’s first globally known celebrity by overcoming all obstacles set before him. Though his life isn’t as glamorous as it seems, Charles Lindbergh is still known as the father of flight. Before Charles was a famous aviator, he was a child raised on a small farm in Minnesota. There he enjoyed a quaint life with his loving mother and his father who was a congressman at the time. He always preferred to tinker with machines and engines rather than going to school. It was this fascination with machines that inspired Charles to leave his hometown in Minnesota to study airplanes at the Lincoln Flight School in Nebraska. Once he was done with his studying he spent a year in the U.S. Air Service Reserve to hone his skills as a…show more content…
Many famous pilots of the 1920’s had stepped up to the plate to attempt this journey but all had failed. So when an anonymous 25 year old pilot whose flight was financed by a bank loan stepped up people were skeptical to say the least. Lindbergh took off from Roosevelt Field in Long Island, New York, on May 20, 1927, flying a monoplane named the Spirit of St Louis. Over the next 33 hours Charles faced many extremely daunting challenges that could have ended his life. These challenges including flying through storm clouds, keeping the plane from icing, flying blind through fog, and navigating by the stars if they were visible. When he finally arrived Charles was welcomed by more than 100,000 people who dragged him out of the cockpit, and carried him around above their heads in celebration. Life would never again be the same for the previously unknown pilot who had instantaneously achieved world

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