How Does Dickens Show Honesty

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Elementary schools teach that honesty is the best policy, yet that lesson rarely sticks with people throughout their lives. Many believe that honesty is not the way to go and that is the bitter reality that many live with, however, according to Dickens, this is not the most natural life to lead. In his satirical novel named Great Expectations, he tells a long story of lies, love, and loss. Through his work, Dickens teaches his audience that deceit will never bring about happiness. The truth will always overpower the means of deception and unfortunately, there is not much grace in the series of events that follow the overthrow of lies. Wemmick, the law firm’s clerk, is a perfect example of someone who hides for most of his life.…show more content…
She purposely hides her cold personality from everyone except for Pip. This affects him tremendously, but she has long since grown used to her own, gloomy demeanor. "’Pip,’ said Estella, casting her glance over the room, ‘don't be foolish about its effect on you. It may have its effect on others, and may be meant to have. It's not worth discussing’" (321). Estella’s willingness to live different lives depicts how the lure of perfection can easily compel anyone. Considering society’s need to control the population, perfection is a construct created by conformists to control women and men alike. Regardless, perfection is unreachable and this is how it tortures the ones who reluctantly follow. Being that, beauty is truly skin deep because no matter how ostentatious looks are, they cannot change years of one’s emotional history. Further, this highlights how easy it is to be tricked into following societal constructs as well as how easy it is to fall for an initial impression. It took years, but eventually, Estella does learn to be a better and break free from the cage she was unwillingly bound to. “...she gave me the assurance that suffering had been stronger than Miss Havisham’s teaching, and had given her a heart to understand what my heart used to be” (490). The mask she hid behind acts as a prison and the only way to break free is through one’s own will. In order to be exonerated, one needs to be strong enough to face their own treachery. Once Estella discovered a life without revenge and deceit, she was at liberty to pursue her own

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