Luke Geddes I Am A Magical Teenage Princess

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In Luke Geddes book I Am a Magical Teenage Princess he skillfully writes the life story of a massive television. We follow this T.V from “birth” in the factory to its final resting place, a junk yard. Ups and downs occur throughout the lifespan of the television, being tragically replaced by a newer model in the store, finally getting purchased, and climactically realizing how insignificant material things are. This thesis is incredibly and increasingly important for America to hear today. We live in a material driven age. Regrettably, a considerable amount of focus as a society is put on meaningless things such as the next smartphone and IOS release, the kind of car we own, or the brand of clothes we wear. Most of the time we…show more content…
According to an article in USA Today America as a whole owes $856.9 billion in credit card debt. Most debt is the accumulation of people buying things they don’t need with money they don’t possess. But even more concerning than debt, we deceive ourselves into believing that material things will make us happy. My next door neighbor Janine Coffrey is continually upgrading. She owns a great car, lives in a beautiful house, and is part of a photogenic family. According to most she “has it all” but once you get to know Janine you see how miserable she really is. Her full-time job takes time away from her family and she reaps the benefits in her relationships. She has convinced herself that more is better and is continually talking about the new house she wants to have built rather than enjoying what she already acquired. Where do we get this deplorable mindset? Who is to blame to filling our hearts with malcontent? Much of it is our own fault but some blame can be pinned on the manipulation of advertisements, commercials, and sales representatives. We see some of this in the aforementioned Geddes text. As Otto is hesitant to purchase the television the salesclerk uses every possible device

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