Sociopaths In Othello

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Between the years 1934 to 1945, an enormous revolution erupted in Germany. The cause for this devastating crisis is none other than Adolph Hitler. This German had the entire country under his dictatorship and his mercy. This being said, Hitler was considered to be a sociopathic man due to his horrific actions towards Jews. He was able to disguise himself as a political leader and was able to convince the entire country to side with him, despite his cruel intentions. The Germans trusted him without knowing he would soon put them through a horrible was, and in the end, they all lost. However, a sociopath is never to be confused with a psychopath. These two are both defined as anti-social personality disorders but they are two different diseases with different effects. Sociopathy can be congenital or acquired. Its behaviour is manifested as conniving and deceitful, although their appearances may seem trustworthy or sincere. Psychopaths are not able to develop a sense of morality and are very dangerous. They are violent and cruel, and show no remorse for their actions. In the same way, Iago displays sociopathic behaviours in one of William Shakespeare’s most remarkable tragedies: Othello. This is proven by Iago’s…show more content…
These crimes can be found among murder, treason, robbery and much more. In the play, the reader is a witness to multiple crimes such as false accusations and “murder” from Iago. This antagonist has both committed hideous crimes and been at the source of many others. To illustrate, Iago has committed the crimes of falsely accusing Desdemona of infidelity and he also committed murder by killing his wife. Not only this, but he was also the source of Desdemona’s murder and Othello’s suicide. It is for these reasons that Iago is considered to be an anti-social character. In consequence, Iago’s antisocial behaviour leads him to manipulate others in order to achieve his

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