Why Did The Spanish Overpower The Indigenous People

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The Spanish were one of the first nations to come to the new world, which is now known as North America. At first, the Indigenous people did a good job when it came to retaining their land. Sure there were the odd few tribes that could not hold their own, but majority of the indigenous tribes could hold their own at first. They would outnumber the Spaniards that were sent over and easily over power them. But as the Spaniards learnt the way the Indigenous people fought, and the way the terrain was, they started gaining the upper hand in military combat. The Indigenous people would upset them militarily at the beginning but it would later fail as their resources just could not keep up with the more advanced Spain. And it was not just Spain that went through this, at first every nation that came over, for example Britain, did not know how to deal with them at first. They too came over will little numbers, making it easy for the Indigenous people to militarily over power them. But just like the Spanish they too started to understand the ways to overpower the Indigenous peoples. But do not misunderstand, this did not make the Indigenous completely overpowered, they still kept their own at…show more content…
After the laws that were put into play from Washington, Indigenous land could only be bought or traded. So what did the Americans try to do, they tried to force the Indigenous people to sell their land, they would offer a lot of money, money that the Indigenous did not have. But the Indigenous found a way to get around this they would create a way to make money themselves, and one way they did was through newspapers. The Indigenous people had created their own newspaper to make money, and also it gave them a voice, a voice to help unite with other Indigenous tribes. But this ended in failure because the government shut it down. This is shown in Jacksonland when it is

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