Edgar Allen Poe's The Masque Of The Red Death

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Horrifically Beautiful Humanity, as a whole, has always sought to see the good and positive things in life; however, for some it is impossible to find goodness and benevolence in the world. Since the beginning of Poe’s life death has been a reoccurring theme. From losing his mother to losing the love of his life Poe’s existence can be imagined as a miserable and wretched one. How can a person stay mentally sane when all life has to offer is death and despair? Noticing Edgar Allen Poe’s dark, yet interesting, theme for stories is relatively obvious. Poe’s life was very depressing and dark itself. Not only was Edgar Allen Poe separated from his siblings at a young age, but he also saw his family die out. These facts would lead anyone to…show more content…
The plague is called the Red Death, consequently who ever got the disease would die, yet before dying they would suffer horribly. If one were to become contaminated with the Red Plague cutting pain and dizziness would take control over one’s body. Blood would seep out of the infected pores uncontrollably, killing the victim while suffering in agony. This disease was much like the Black Plague in Europe. The real life connection between the “The Masque of the Red Death” and Poe’s life can be seen through the death of his mother, foster mother, and wife dying of Tuberculosis. The Red Death was similar to tuberculosis, which impacted Poe’s life greatly. All three of Edgar Allen Poe’s true loves died because of a wildly spread disease. Humans, much like Edgar Allen Poe, have trouble forgetting their true and first love. Throughout Poe’s writing a theme of beautiful women dying was present. Stories such as “The Oval Portrait”, “Annabel lee”, “The Fall of the House of Usher”, etc., portray young beautiful women dying of unusual and different things. These women were generally described as innocent, pure, and beautiful. Once again there is a direct connection between Poe’s writing and life situations. Poe saw his foster mom die, he loved her dearly, yet when life gave Poe a second opportunity to love his wife dies shortly
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