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Different Sex Is Better Than The Same Sex For many years people have argued about whether their kids should attend sex segregated schools or co-education schools. I believe that both sexes should be educated together for many good reasons. One good reason is that co-ed can help develop the student’s vital social skills. Also, co-ed schools shows students that no one gender is more superior. A third good reason is that when students are segregated by gender at a young age, they promote signs of sexism and discrimination. Other people might think that separation is better because there is less distractions, I support that reason but not all students do that. Co-education schools are better than sex segregated schools because students get the opportunity to work together and develop vital social skills. Science Daily states, “When students are segregated by sex, they are not given opportunities to work together to develop the skills needed to interact with each other.” Without these skills students will not know how to work with the opposite sex and communicate. These social skills are good because outside of school when kids get older and start working, they might have to work with the opposite sex and they are not going to know how to communicate…show more content…
It limits distractions because many students find it easier to focus on academics, when they are not distracted by someone of the opposite sex. In an article by The University Language Services called, “Co-ed Vs. Single Sex Schools” states, “May find it easier to participate actively in classes where everyone is the same sex. Others enjoy the camaraderie that often connects classmates at single-sex schools.” This is basically saying that when the same gender is in a class together they feel more free to be themselves and actively do their work. Also, when they are surrounded by the same sex students feel a connection

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