Palmetto Goodwill Marketing Mix

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Introduction This paper will describe the elements of marketing strategy for either a for-profit organization, that lets every customer knows about their target market, products or services, and how they can benefit from them, which includes selling the product in exchange for money or not-for-profit organization, that builds awareness of an issue and gain financial support from the public for its ability to serve their target market. This paper will also discuss the process that the organization will follow to choose (or discover) it’s target market, and tell whether I agree, or not agree with the marketing mix strategy that has developed for the target market. Describe the elements of marketing strategy of either a for-profit or not-for-profit…show more content…
Goodwill Industries of Lower SC mission statement, stated, “they help people achieve their full potential through the dignity and power of work, by providing job training and employment services to people with disabilities and other barriers to employment” (Palmetto Goodwill, 2014). Palmetto Goodwill uses 91% of its earned revenues to support the mission of their services. Palmetto Goodwill provides employment opportunities to individuals with disabilities in South Carolina. Goodwill has provided employment services to 57,981 individuals, placed 1,596 individuals into new jobs, and provided employment services to 2,480 individuals with disabilities in…show more content…
Goodwill has production-oriented manager that sees everyone the same and a potential customer. Goodwill’s marketing team searches the demographic areas of their donors and volunteers as well as their activities, age, education, income and martial status. Goodwill uses several communication methods, such as advertisement, direct mail, email, fundraisers, and social networking. Once the donor donates their things, they are provided with a donation receipt with a 10% coupon attached to the receipt from the donation attendant, which they can receive tax deductions from their donations at the end of the tax year. The donations that are received are processed and placed on the sales floor for purchase so that any potential customer may purchase the goods at a reasonable price to help themselves or other families with a new start in their lives. When individuals volunteer at Goodwill, it allows them to learn new skills, meet school community service requirements, obtain job references, meet new people and give back to your community (Palmetto Goodwill, 2014). A volunteer’s time and support is very important to Goodwill's mission. Do you agree with the marketing mix strategy developed for this target market? Why or why

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