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The story, “The Rememberer”, is an allegory that uses various literary terms to enforce its message. The author used allusion throughout her story to describe Ben’s suicide as “reverse evolution” in the eyes of Annie. Irony was inflicted into the story when Ben tells his wife the world needs more heart, but he selfishly abandons his human form. Finally, when the narrator talks about her memories with her husband, she shows flashback, as she recalls memorable things between her and her husband. In all, allusion, irony, and flashback were used to make the story an allegory, for Ben did not undergo reverse evolution, he committed suicide. In the story, people never called back to see how Ben was doing after Annie would tell them he had a rare sickness. He disappeared and no one but Annie remembered who Ben was, therefore creating an allusion to a person who committed suicide and everyone decides not to mention him. The passing reference of sadness and silence Ben had been enduring were the symptoms of a person that was emotionally unstable before taking his life. His wife finds solace of his passing away by looking at Ben’s death as reverse evolution because this way she could still remember him as a smart, thinking man…show more content…
It is a contradiction, when a person that wants more heart in the world to become an animal and disappear. Nature has aspects of ruthlessness and violence, which some may argue is survival or instinct, but becoming a non-thinking mammal does not mean a bigger heart has been obtained. Especially if the person that feels for the world has someone that will suffer when they stop thinking so much to obtain a “heart”. Except, Annie is so in love with this man, that she accepts his grief and thinks of all the good moments they had together, rather than the dulling stages he endured in his “reverse

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