How Did The South Lead To The Formation Of Slavery

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In the early 1600's slavery began. As Portugal began the trade of slaves in the U.S and Brazil. Spain later on also did the same. Slaves were used in the production of cash crops, such as tobacco, cotton etc. It lasted through the late 19th century, when it was finally abolished after so much conflict. Slaves helped get a good economic start to the new nation being built. However, it did start huge conflict between the northern and southern states. The north had decided that slavery wasnt the right path to take. But as for the southern states, they strongly believed that slavery would help make their new nation better. Many slaves were brought to the New World through boat. Lasting up to months in unhealthy and unsanitary conditions. Many died, and the ones…show more content…
There had been an "estimaded [of] 6 to 7 million slaves.. imported" (History). This is only counting the healthy ones that did make it. The south also began using slaves as 1/3 of a person for voting, considering the fact that the south consisted of more slaves than it did of Europeans. They wanted to be equal with the north, which was mostly runaway slaves and Europeans. Soon after the north began to fight against the south for the abolition of slavery. The reason being because they being because they began to fight against the British rule for their own freedom, so they thought the slaves deserved theirs as well. According to an article in, from 1830-60's the abolishment of slavery had officially set in motion. It was mostly free African Americans and Northerners against the south, which still held slaves. This is when all these slaves began to seek freedom and run to the northern states. I believe that by this time they had already made it a law that if freed slaves were found by their owners, they would be brought back to slavery. Northerners and former slaves, that were now free began to

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