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There are many formations or styles teams run in the game of football. Two of which are Split Back Veer and Spread offense. Split Back Veer is a seven down lineman, one wide receiver, and two running backs that are split in the backfield with A quarterback under center. The Spread offense is five down linemen with four wide receivers a running back beside the quarterback which is in shotgun. In the game of football there's one thing one must do on offense. It's move the ball downfield and score. There are many ways to do this, including, running the ball, passing the ball, and the speed of which how one plays. Running the ball in the game of football is very important. In the Split Back Veer, it's even more important. There's so many things an opponent has to defend in running the ball the way one does in the Split Back Veer. In Split Back there's three different options of who can run the ball. The two running backs and the quarterback. It’s very hard for defenses to try and defend because there's so many different options. It calls for a very physical game when one plays a team like this because it's trying to run the ball right down the defenses throat. It’s all about physicality. The…show more content…
Split Back Veer is much slower than Spread. In Split Back Veer, the offense is trying to wear their opponents out by running the ball almost every play which calls for very physical football. The play gets called by the coach telling a wide receiver on the sideline then the wide receiver running the play into the quarterback then the quarterback telling the lineman. It's a long process so it's gonna run the clock down. The Spread is much quicker. The offense has signs on the sideline that tell them what the play is based on the bands they have on their arms that they look at when they show a certain sign. They look at their band and that tells them what the play is which is a much faster process and it not as physical because it's so

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