How Did England Create A Declaration Of Independence

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Canada and the Thirteen US Colonies were both seeking different forms of Independence. Canada while still wanting to be a part of the British Empire they were looking to become a sovereign country. They wanted authority and power to be able to make their own rules and decisions. This System Canada created with Great Britain was known as the Westminster System, which is where the Statue of Westminster comes from, it is Canada’s form of a Declaration of Independence. They modeled there system of government after that of Parliament. On July 4th 1776 Congress signed the Delectation of Independence. Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, Roger Sherman, and Robert R. Livingston were selected to create a Declaration of Independence. The Declaration would…show more content…
Here are a few of the reasons why the Thirteen Colonies actually wanted Independence for one slavery was not legal in Britain and they were afraid there slaves would be set free, and taxes in Britain were much higher than taxes in America. ( Parliament also did not allow the killing of Indians for their land, Indians were given all the land beyond the Appalachians. Even though Americans were under British rule making them Citizens of Great Britain they were not given the same treatment, or rights as the British Citizens who did not live in the Thirteen Colonies. The Statue of Westminster gave Freedom to the parts of Canada that wanted to be set free from British Rule. This would state that Parliament no longer had power in creating Canadian Laws. Great Britain had the power to override laws made by the legislature of Canada. This act did not completely separate Canada from Great Britain, it just put some walls up from the things Great Britain has control over or power of. It was not until the Constitution Act in 1982 that Canada had full freedom from Great Britain.

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