Summary: Depicting The Elite Through Art

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Rebekah Appleton-7300-43437 Depicting the Elite Through Art Kings and the elite class represent themselves through art in many different ways. This artwork is important to archaeologists and those studying ancient cities because it provides information about the culture. The artwork gives insight on the social hierarchy and in some cases the beliefs of the society. By depicting a king, archaeologists can also have a better understanding of how the area was governed. Kings depict themselves through many common themes, however, they do so in a unique way to their culture. Generally, these representations show the elite class with power, propagating them to be greater than common people. Common ways of doing this include size comparisons,visual…show more content…
Naram is shown as being above the other people, bringing the focus onto him. This portrays the idea that he is literally and figuratively above the common people of this culture. His overwhelming power is displayed by this placement on the stele. Naram is also depicted with wearing horns which is commonly associated with the gods in this culture. This refers to another common theme of associating the king to the…show more content…
I would want the statue to be large and well made in order to show off the wealth of my area. My wealth can also be displayed by the intricacy of my dress and the material which can be made of gold. The size of the statute should also display my strength and power over other nations. I would want to depict my knowledge as well as my strength in order to prove to my followers that I was wise enough to lead a large area. I would do this by depicting myself with some kind of written script such as a book or

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