How Did Luther Build The 95 Theses

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Martin Luther began his journey of “The Reformation” in Germany during 1517, it all began when Luther posted up a wooden panel with the 95 theses( a list of rules a religious person should follow to achieve salvation like the ten commandments). Luther was a monk(a religious community of men) in his earlier life, so when the church in my eyes scanned the poor people by using indulgences(a piece of paper saying you would not have to got to purgatory after death) Luther decided to create the 95 theses because he knew it was wrong what the church was doing. Martin solved this problem by creating his own church that based itself on people earning salvation through faith not good deeds, he also started “The Reformation” which got people to finally think for themselves without having the fear of being punished by god. Some of the differences between luther and the catholic church's ideas on religion were, the key to salvation to Luther believed that it was achieved by faith not “good deeds,” and the church’s ideas of the church on salvation were to participate in church.…show more content…
In Lutheranism faith was the most important thing to your salvation instead of good deeds because that is what Lutheranism, so I think it would have been easier for people to convert to Lutheranism because learning only faith in god is the way to heaven was probably taught in the church. The matters of politics was also important to Lutheranism, because in Lutheranism it is believed that God decided who would be born a King or who would be born a peasant. This is why politics and faith were so important in the forming of

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