How Did Joseph II Become Such An Absolute Monarch

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Joseph II was the absolute monarch of the Holy Roman Empire from 1764-1790. Being born into the royal family, Joseph II inherited the throne when his father, Joseph I, died. Initially, Joseph II shared the monarchical power with his mother, Maria Theresa, yet in 1780, her death marked the start of his sole dominion. The term “absolute monarch” is used to describe the rule of Joseph II because throughout his reign, he was not required to receive the approval of Parliament, or any outside source, before making a decision. He blatantly stated, “I do not need your consent for doing good” (Biography). While it would have been easy to focus on passing reforms that only benefited, the crown, Joseph II made a positive impact on the Holy Roman Empire. One of these accomplishments included passing…show more content…
Although they were cousins, William and Mary married to repair the relationship between their respective countries, England and the Netherlands. At the time after their marriage, James II was abusing his powers on the English throne and William and Mary were offered the English crown. They were able to grab power in England by bringing an army to London. This action intimidated James II who fled to France for refuge. Throughout their reign, they maintained the Act of Habeas Corpus and limited the power of the monarchy. This proved that these rulers were indeed constitutional monarchs based on their agreement to accept the power of Parliament through the Declaration of Rights. A prime example of the challenges these monarchs faced was the Massacre of Glencoe (English Monarchs). This massacre led to tension between the Scottish and English government. In light of the blunders, William and Mary positively influenced England by establishing the constitutional monarchy that is still followed today. They also inspired ideas that are represented in both the English and American

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