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This is Where We Live, written by Vivienne Walshe and directed by John Halpin is a live theatre production portraying a message about two individuals and their teenage lives. The two person play sees Matilda Bailey as Chloe and James Smith as Chris meet and develop a relationship. Chloe moves to a new country town to live with her widowed mother and her abusive boyfriend. Walshe aimed for the audience to feel the emotions which arose from domestic violence. This Is Where We Live targets a young adolescence audience who are finding their paths in life. This strong yet delicate character is trying to escape her life, town and present situation of being the odd ‘new girl’. Throughout her journey a friendship forms with Chris which some may say is the story of first love. They might be…show more content…
At the beginning of the performance I felt for Chloe’s character, it was then the audience was introduced to Chris who presented with similar thoughts. They were both wanting to escape and become an independent adult. Feeling the need to escape, give up or just have a break are common emotions we feel each day. Chloe wanted to escape the domestic violence which she was living in, and also being the new delicate girl in town saw the audience being shocked when she rejected Chris and his company. I believe that the reason that she rejected him was due to Chloes home life, she was scared to form a connection with another person. I feel this was due to her lack of self-confidence. Throughout the performance I felt nervous and shocked with the attitude that Chloe communicated to the audience when she was considered an outsider to her new school and town. Towards the end of the performance, the two teenagers found their feet and accepted each other and their unique ways which guided them to find their path in life. Forming a friendship with Chris’s caused Chloe’s self-confidence and happiness to

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