Who's To Blame By Sophie Cameron Analysis

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Who’s To Blame? By Sophie Cameron Statement of Intent: This is a creative short story writing piece that I wrote out of my strong personal opinon on humans invading sharks terratory. I wrote two separate opinons because it gives a chance to see a sharks perspectives behind an attack, because people are so quick to blame the shark. The sharks perspective represents the sharks in danger, the ones that can’t find food and are starving for days. The humans perspective represent the oblivious characteristics of humans who blame an attack on the shark, as most people do. The idea I was trying to develop is that marine animals have their home which is in the water, as do humans, on land. When humans enter the water for their own personal pleasure,…show more content…
Wow, what just happened? I try to open my eyes but I am under water being thrashed from side to side. I don’t feel anything but my eyes are terrified. My brain isn’t functioning, I don’t know what to do. It’s a shark. It’s a shark, a big-ass shark and it’s attached to my arm! What do I do! So many things are happening at once and it feels like it’s lasting forever. I’m pretty sure in these situations you are meant to punch it on the nose, but why can’t I feel anything? I feel no pain, almost like I am invincible. With what is not consumed inside this shark, I throw a single punch with all that I have. Get off me you, you beast! I am screaming but feel so helpless in the eyes of this predator. Thank god I was smart enough to smash it in the face, I hope it hurt. Its left me here like a piece of used meat floating in the, oh god it’s red; everything's red. I try to cling to the board but my strength is weakening. My eyes are closing without my permission. Stay awake, stay awake, wait for help, you can do it. I feel a nudge and a few distorted noises around me and I think I am on the shore. I start screaming, I just don’t know what to do. The left side of my body is mangled and I can’t feel anything, I now really think I am invincible. I’m in and out of consciousness, I feel nauseous. Is that, is that raw minced beef? Mums minced beef? Oh God that stupid woman. If she hadn’t made a fuss this morning I wouldn’t be in this situation. I blame her. I blame, blame the shark! Why did this have to happen to me, I have so much potential, why..

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