Compare And Contrast Urban And Rural Superintendents

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Compare and contrast urban, suburban and rural superintendent responsibilities: A superintendent’s responsibilities can vary based on the type of community they are working within, however many of their job responsibilities are similar, regardless of location. All superintendents are responsible for managing and handling the operation their school districts, which includes hiring and firing staff, overseeing student achievement and personnel growth, allocating resources and managing the budget, overseeing the enforcement of all mandates and statutes and programs, and interacting with the Board of Education and the community. However, urban, suburban, and rural superintendents may find themselves with differing responsibilities based on the unique needs of the students in their districts. Urban superintendents may face larger academic challenges, including the need to significantly raise student assessment scores, due to hurdles that many urban districts experience related to communities that have a larger disadvantaged student population. This may create added responsibilities for the urban superintendent that involve major reform efforts. Developing relationships with parents and community members may be extra challenging in urban districts, adding to the list of responsibilities that an urban…show more content…
Rural superintendents, like urban superintendents, must continually focus on generating resources, reevaluating district needs, and reanalyzing financial commitments. They must also recognize that higher academic expectations for students may lead to a higher drop out rates for their students that face socioeconomic hardships. They must often adopt a more direct approach to improve student learning, and must not be afraid to make

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