How Does Campbell's Soup Company To Make A Profit?

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Companies form out of the need and desires from the consumers of the world. Companies provide goods and services to consumers and in order to sell their goods and services there has to be a demand. If there is no demand or a small demand the product produced cannot be sold for a profit. There is the key word: profit. Companies do not produce and sell products because they want to make a consumer happy, or fulfill their needs. Companies simply want to make a profit which they do so by exploiting the wants and demands of consumers. The problem is making a profit is not as easy as it seems. To be a successful business a company must market their product and do extensive research. Marketing is not just advertising; it involves so much more. Companies must determine who their consumers are; are their products for individuals or to businesses. If their products are for individual consumers what is their target market? Is it…show more content…
Even though Campbell’s Soup Company is headquartered in Camden, New Jersey, thanks to various mergers and acquisitions, it has dozens of factories all over the world, producing everything from the small Goldfish crackers to Prego sauces. Those facilities are spread out over 120 countries, including Russia and China and feature many popular brands only found in their home countries alongside Campbell’s international products. Most of the V8 distributed in the United States, however is manufactured inside its borders. Despite how large Campbell Soup Company is, or maybe because of it, distribution is not handled internally. Instead, Campbell Soup Company made an agreement with Coca-Cola North America for help with the distribution process in June 2007. Coca-Cola North America would ship the single bottle drinks. The agreement has held since then and has helped V8 reach the shelves of grocery and superstores all over the United

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