How Did Egypt Contribute To Western Civilization

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Ancient Egypt civilization contributed in many aspects within Western Civilization. They helped change culture, art, and religion through the three phases of Old Kingdom, Middle Kingdom, and New Kingdom. Each phase grows with every contribution aspect as they discover and establish more. They evolve themselves because of the fast developing culture, art, and religion. Their contributions helped shape and stabilized their own and other societies. First in history came the Old Kingdom from 2630 BC to 2181 BC. This is also known as the Age of the Pyramids. This is when the Giza Pyramids was constructed and fueled by agriculture productivity. This was the Egyptian art left to be admired. Menes had unified Egypt. Under Djoser came the pyramids which were believed to be the six steps to afterlife. Egyptian’s religion believed these were the steps to a peaceful life after death. Egyptians believed in mummification, where they take out the internal organs of the deceased and wrap up the remains before the burials. Both parts are buried together. Under Khufu came the Great Pyramid in 2580 BC.…show more content…
All the stability that was lost through the first intermediate period, where drought collapsed the Government and the Upper and Lower Egypt was ruled by rivals, was finally restored. Irrigation was used to help revitalize agriculture. They had the religious revamp idea of personal piety where people had souls and are able to be welcomed into the afterlife upon one’s death. They reconquered Nubia, for natural resources, where they could continue their culture of trade. There was a flourishing of the arts during this period. However they reached the problem of population being out of stability. They also began to write laws down. In general, Egypt had Hieroglyphics, which was their official writing

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