Patriarchy In Hamlet Essay

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People are living their lives day in and day out stuck in an economic and sometimes socially draining rut. In the play Hamlet, written by William Shakespeare, the upper class white men, also referred to as the bourgeoisie, are completely in control of everyone below them. These smaller roles, which are comprised of the “wage-earners” who are referred to as the proletariat, are then forced to accept the unfair conditions given to them because of their gender or socioeconomic status. Throughout his text, Shakespeare utilizes the men in a patriarchal position to create a superstructure in Hamlet that makes it difficult for the less prominent characters, such as working class men or “just” women¬ whom there are only two of within the play- to exist with a purpose other than serving and respecting those in charge.…show more content…
At the beginning of Act 2, scene 2, Claudius addresses two of Hamlet’s old friends, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, to inquire more information about Hamlet’s mental state. Without hesitation, the two agree to the king’s request in a way that seems almost thankful, stating: “Both your majesties Might, by the sovereign power you have of us, Put your dread pleasures more into command Than to entreaty” (Shakespeare Act 2, scene 2, 27-30). Almost instantaneously, Rosencrantz makes it clear that with the power that the king and queen hold, rather than asking them to complete this task in such a kind mannered way, they could have directly commanded them with the same amount of effectiveness. Following this reply, Guildenstern concurs, stating: “But we both obey And here give up ourselves, in the full bent, To lay our service freely at your feet To be commanded” (Act 2, scene 2,

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