Eastern Orthodox Schism

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Since 1054 the Eastern Orthodox Church and the Roman Catholic Church have been in an official schism. The split of the Eastern Orthodox Church and Roman Catholic Church had begun to unfold a few centuries before the official division in 1054. The differences that had come about after so many years showed to be too much for them to overcome, and it would ultimately cause them to separate. Many things led up to the division of the East and West such as language barriers, geographical location, difference in church practices, and the disagreement of papal authority in the Church. The churches developed a language barrier over time, and that was one of the big contributors in their division. The Roman Catholic Church would have their services…show more content…
Since there is great distance between the East and West empires it was inevitable that the two emperors would create their own political policies. The political policies would create some differences between the East and West, but both emperors would still try to sustain the power of the Christian Church. This became difficult for the emperors to do over the course of years, and it would lead to another big contributor to their separation. As if the language barriers weren’t a big enough problem already, and add to that the large geographical location difference, and emperors creating their own political policies it would seem that there was nothing to stop the East and West from…show more content…
For example, both churches used bread in their services, but “the Eastern Churches make use of leavened bread, while the Western Churches, since the 11th century have used unleavened bread.” The western church used unleavened bread because Jesus used unleavened bread at the Last Supper. Leaven is defined as “a substance, such as yeast that makes dough rise and become light before it is baked.” This is important because 1 Corinthians 5:6 compares yeast to sin, because the smallest amount of yeast can spread throughout an entire piece of dough, similarly to how sin can easily spread throughout a person or throughout the entire church. This is why eating unleavened bread became the appropriate practice in the Western Church because they were eating the bread that is pure and free from yeast. On the other hand, The Eastern churches believed that using the leavened bread represented Jesus rising from the dead, just as the yeast makes the bread rise. To add that the churches had different practices to the language barrier that was formed, and the overwhelming geographical differences this certainly added to the split between the East and West in 1054. Although these are major factors that lead to the split between the East and West, the papal authority within the church may have been the deciding factor of the

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