How Did Buddhism Influence Daoism

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THE BUDDHIST & DAOIST- WHO INFLUENCED WHO? Buddhism has greatly influenced the evolution of Daoism and vice-versa, yet the two faiths are completely dependent from each other. The imposing and treacherous Himalayan mountain range has separated India and China for thousands of years. Yet, despite the merciless terrain, the journey has been made by many; bringing with them magical images of deities and spiritual beliefs. At least 3000 years later Buddhism and Daoism flourish with distinct cultural and religious definitions, yet some are strikingly similar. Buddhism originated in India. The principles are to end the cycle of rebirth and suffering through enlightenment; requiring internal detachment from desire by following the eightfold path…show more content…
Daoism is largely an independent journey focused on individuality and living in harmony with nature or one’s environment and Buddhism on the other hand, places great importance on the development of sangha (community) and promotes sharing among members. This focus on the community is absent from Daoism. Buddhism has been actively organized for much longer than Daoism and counts on documentation, altars, scripture, music and literature. Daoism, remaining more individual and exclusive is only now discovering the freedom of expression. In Chinese philosophy Yin and Yang are concepts used to describe how apparently opposite or contrary forces are actually complimentary. Despite the differences in organization, language, geography and local customs, both share a profound respect for virtue and honor. Both share an underlying mystical doctrine with the general aim of emptying of ego/self, attaining transformative and transcendent psychological/spiritual experiences. They are inevitably tied in the Western regions of China, birthplace of Chan Buddhism and will remain mirror images of Yin and Yang for centuries to

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