Analyzing Jennings's 'They Cage The Animals At Night'

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In the novel, They Cage the Animals at Night, the main character, Jennings, is faced with many obstacles to overcome at such a young age. He goes from orphanage to orphanage, foster house to foster house, sometimes running away, and somehow figures out a way to remain stoic the whole time. The first incident in which Jennings really stood out as being stoic was on page eleven when a child named Mark, told him that they were at a home for orphans. At first he was shocked of the thought that his mother put him there because he had no idea why should would do that. He dealt with the situation by making friends with other children and just getting used to The Home of the Angels along with not worrying about his mother and reminding himself that she was going to come back for him.…show more content…
When he was arriving to their house in a car, Jennings put his hands on the window to look through more easily and got yelled at by Mrs. Carpenter. On his first day with them, Jennings asked Mrs. Carpenter if she needed him to help her with something. She said no by yelling at him and telling him that he would break something. On the first night, Jennings was getting very hungry and when Mr. Carpenter asked Mrs. Carpenter if she was going to make Jennings dinner, she lied and said that he told her he had eaten plenty before he left to go with them. Jennings dealt with the situation by following directions and not complaining to Mr. or Mrs. Carpenter. At one point when things got really bad and Mrs. Carpenter hit him many times, Jennings decided to hide under the table in the kitchen and to not come out. He tried to run away which just resulted in being hit even more and the Carpenters finally deciding to put Jennings back in an

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