How Did Adolf Hitler's Impact On History

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Adolf Hitler's life has impacted history in a way no one will ever forget. He has taught the world an important lesson about power and morality. Hitler was a tenacious human being influencing millions of Germans with his ideas of one perfect race. However, these ideas went from simple concepts to mass killings and eventually rows of graves filled with those he deemed "impure". Adolf Hitler was born to parents, Alois Hitler and Karla Polzl on April 20th, 1889.(Hoffman) He began his life in Branau, Austria. (Hoffman) As a boy, Hitler did well in grade school, but when he entered high school his grades started to drop. (Hoffman) This caused additional stress on Alois and Adolf. They did not get along too well because Adolf wanted to…show more content…
He did not want a democracy.(Baughman) After World War 1, Germany was forced to sign a treaty called the Treaty of Versailles, holding Germany responsible for the war and removing land and power from the country. (Hoffman) This led to Germany being broke in currency and morale. During this same time, the depression had hit.(Hoffman) German citizens were out of work, out of food, and out of ideas. (Hoffman)They were vulnerable and needed help. Germany itself was becoming a weak nation and needed to be restored. Adolf joined the Nazi party in 1919. (Bio 2014) The Nazi party thought the Jewish people were inferior and not pure like the Germans were. Jewish people wanted democracy, the Nazi party wanted dictatorship.(Bio 2014) Adolf Hitler was able to gain support with the German citizens when he promised to help reshape Germany by cleaning up the filth in Germany and creating jobs. (Brown) The German citizens were on board with this idea and began to follow Adolf in his ways. Hitler began to work toward his goal by trying to overthrow the Bavarian government in 1923. (Hoffman) This attempt failed and Hitler was arrested. It was

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