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The Statue of Liberty by Andy Warhol is a spray paint on linen using silkscreen ink. The paint was created in 1962 and measures 80 by 61 inches. Synonymous with the title, the art’s subject involves the Statue of Liberty with repeated twelve patterns, although the right side has four extra image repeats that are cut off. Presently, the art is held at the Arkansas Art Centre, although the Andy Warhol Museum in Pennsylvania owns this painting. This paper illustrates that the Statue of Liberty is a unique art, combining various elements of art to create a theme and splendor. The image that recaps twelve times depicts the Statue of Liberty. The image is upright or face on and exposes the legs up. One can view her torch and the distance in the…show more content…
That is specifically the case in the uppermost row where one can identify an almost excellent triangle on the right section of the sculpture. Additionally, the third row has an organic and indistinguishable shape that somewhat resembles jagged mountain ranges. The art has a light on every rectangle illuminating the sculpture and the sea to model the sculpture’s three dimensions. Importantly, the color value of the replicated image changes with every triangle and ranges from very clouded to extremely clear…show more content…
For instance, the label close to the Statue of Liberty suggests that the Andy was an immigrant. The label ‘generic’ describes the vocabulary Andy and colleagues utilized concerning immigration to the US. The repeated rectangles symbolize the numerous experiences that individuals have regarding the immigration to the US. Also, the void in the left part of the painting symbolizes the ideal US, but it is not very encompassing as many persons might have thought. In other ways, the vastness of the dream falls short in reality. The artist opted for the Statue of Liberty despite its hard, smooth surface. Furthermore, Andy shrunk the sculpture and replicated it twelve times into a hard, gritty repetition. The screen printing design or technique creates splotch covering various areas and lead to a sense of elusiveness in the art. That elusiveness represents the view that immigration to the US is an elusive effort of chasing success. Lastly, the expedition to the US might have yielded other things depending on how one was situated, connected, or

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