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Ann Packer demonstrates the element of point of view in “Horse” through the relationship between Elizabeth and Bobby. Revealing that point of view is different from character to character. In the story a shy, intellectual girl named Elizabeth believes she is a “loser” and has a strong desire to become a Pompon girl to make herself more amiable and known, after her father’s death. She is determined that being on the squad is her key to happiness, likability and popularity. When a college student named Bobby needs a place to stay while attending college, he moves in with Elizabeth and her family. She continues to be insecure and obsessive about her Pompon squad tryouts and feels more pressure to prove that she can make it. Elizabeth’s low self-esteem causes her to believe that others are constantly judging her and being on pompon will prove to them she worthy to make it and be “popular”. From the day Bobby moves in Elizabeth continues to grow in…show more content…
This shows the power of perspective or point of view. Bobby doesn’t mind living with Elizabeth and is actually a bit afraid of her, but in Elizabeth’s mind he sees her as a “loser” and wants absolutely nothing to do with her. He is afraid and worried that if Elizabeth decides that if she wants him gone he will have to move out and possibly lose his scholarship. Elizabeth is so insecure about others judging her, that she isolates herself from many people, including Bobby. Each of their perspectives is a misunderstood and while Bobby is trying to become liked by Elizabeth, Elizabeth is trying to show him that she too is “cool”. This is demonstrated when mother is talking to Elizabeth and says, “He doesn’t think you’re a loser. He’s scared of you…you’re what’s standing between him and a place to live”(Packer 104). This illustrates how Bobby has a much different perspective about Elizabeth than she

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