Pathological Liar Research Paper

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Photo by Pixabay Living with a compulsive liar is difficult. They tend to tell more lies when confronted with the lies that they have already told and they try to hide the allegations or lies that they have been caught in. Some go to great lengths to hide the truth and have even resorted to being vindictive, stalking, or trying to "get even" with those that have caught them in these lies. Some disorders, like personality disorders, can cause a person to not even realize they are lying or, those that are pathological liars, may lie and believe those lies that they told. There are also those that lie to not hurt the feelings of people that they care about or they may lie to receive empathy from others. There are many reasons as to why a person lies. This…show more content…
Pathological Lying Pathological lying can be described as someone who constantly lies with no personal gain. They are a habitual liar. In some instances, they lie so much that it ruins friendships, relationships, and has caused them to get into a great deal of legal trouble. Pathological Lying is a disorder. There was even a study conducted that showed pathological liars, having increased white matter volumes in the orbit frontal, inferior frontal, and middle frontal cortex's compared to others that were examined. The study showed that pathological lying could be caused by genetic conditions or be environmentally induced. Compulsive Lying A compulsive liar tells lies on a daily basis. They lie so much that when the truth finds them, they lie to cover this up. They know they are lying, but it becomes a habit that is way more harder to stop than it is for them to just tell the truth. Their lies become routine and almost second-nature. They hardly ever Fe's up to their lies and often live a life of chaos and drama because of it. Telling the truth becomes too difficult for

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