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The holy grail is said to have legendary powers to anyone that has it in their possession. Some say they have found it, but the question is could any of them be the real one? The holy grail is a chalice that Jesus Christ supposedly drank from. Since this happened so long ago, it makes it hard to tell where the real one is. Therefore makes it even harder to tell weather the chalice has been found or if it is still missing. The Holy grail was said to have been made around 200 B.C. but the first public recognition was around 1180-1191 (crystalinks.com). People started to recognize it as the cup of Christ. In early literature the grail was described as a dish or a bowl covered in many jewels. As time went on it was still said to be covered in jewels but was said to look more like a cup or chalice (Britannia.com). Which makes it harder on historians to recover this artifact.…show more content…
Joseph of Arimathea. St. Joseph used the grail to collect Christ's blood and sweat while he was on the cross (Britannia.com). After Christ's death, Joseph was put into prison while he had the cup in his possession. For many months Joseph was provided with food and water from the chalice (new advent.org). After St. Joseph got out of the tomb, he traveled to Britain, and brought the grail to Corbenic which was a very large castle (Britannia.com). Many years later, King Arthur had knights go out on a quest to find the grail (crystalinks.com). A man named Perceval discovered the castle in Corbenic, but failed to retrieve the grail. The second man that made it to the castle was named Lancelot, but he could not enter. The third man that made it to the castle was named Galahad. He then gained entry to the grail and brought it to King Arthur

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