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MR. & MRS. CAULFIELD California Parents East Side of Manhattan dear mr. & mrs. caulfield Upon careful examination of your son, Holden Caulfield, I believe him to have peculiar behavioural tendencies. The story of his exploits leads me to think that he is nothing more than an psychologically damaged teenager whose personal insecurities prevent him from complying to the rules of the, what he believes to be, “evil” adult world. It became more and more clear that Holden was prone to making unsound decisions as he explained to me the emotional roller-coaster he had ridden before arriving here. It is clearly evident that his wide range of individual faults which include cynicism, depression, and unrealistic attitudes and thoughts, originate from…show more content…
Holden has difficulty staying on topic, and is prone to sudden and melodramatic surges of understanding and thinking that he does not give full consideration to before conveying them to those around him. At one time he told me he had an thoughtless plan to run away with a friend by the name of Sally right before Christmas. His plan was clearly bereft of common sense. It took simple logical thinking of Holden’s friend Sally to set him straight. “In the first place, we’re both practically children. And did you ever stop to think what you’d do if you didn’t get a job when your money ran out? We’d starve to death” (Salinger 132). It is evident that he lacks the comprehensive decision making skills that most of his peers possess. Holden told me that he once dreamt of moving out West. He had embellished this idea until he eventually discarded of it due to a sudden realisation of the consequences of such actions, which believe to have been brought on by Phoebe’s willingness to accompany him. His hysterical attachment to illogical ideas says that he has innate psychosomatic issues which greatly impacts his choice of

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