Burke Vs Thomas Paine Essay

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The Revolution sparked controversy of whether it was a beneficiary or destruction to the country. Two prominent revolutionaries who argued the effect of the Revolution were Edmund Burke and Thomas Paine. Burke’s favorite topic in parliament was on the “cruelty of the war”.1 He was a advocate for the British constitution and visioned the revolution as a change to repair the disparities and grievances of the country. He wrote Reflections on the Revolution in France in 1790 because he wanted to avoid the atrocities of the French Revolution. In 1791 Thomas Paine wrote Rights of Man to contradict Burke. However, despite his hope, he was aware of the issues within the society that would conflict with mending the corrupt society. Burke supported the continuation of what the monarchy was already doing while Paine was an…show more content…
Burke stance is that France’s comprehension of its people is abstruse without knowledge of its history; adhering to historical precedent through hereditary succession was the safest way to ensure the preservation of tradition and the absence of animosity. 2 Burke used France as an example to prove his point. In the crisis of the French Revolution, France was able to stabilize its country when hereditary succession was back in order. Paine viewed Burke as being too concerned with the preservation of established traditions, and being ignorant for the need for reform. Paine felt that every generation should have the right to establish its own system of government while Burke claims that hereditary and aristocracy are the foundation for government. Burke felt that if a foreigner was seated on the throne he would corrupt the country with his inexperience in governing a country. According to Paine, with the establishment of an entrusted citizen in government representing the people, it gives the people more relief because he would express genuine concern for them and not have empty

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