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“The History White People Need To Learn” How can an individual be recognized as a “white” or a “non-white”? Based on the article, “The history white people need to know”, by Mary-Alice Daniel, being “white” is considered to be a dominant social class who subjugates others for economic and political benefits. On the other hand, Al Sharpoan, who wrote a comment to the article believes that whiteness and blackness are categorize by skin colors. The article, “The history white people need to learn” explores the abstract belief that whites are superior to non-whites and that the concept of whiteness provides greater privileges, power, and economic gain. “Whiteness was never about skin color or a natural inclination to stand with one’s own; it was designed to realize power and conveniently dehumanize outsiders and the enslaved”. This quote explains the author’s view that “white” is not a race but an “erroneous belief” which separates the dominant social class from the minority social class. Furthermore, the article also explains how the term “white” defines the people who subjugate other races for economic and political benefits. The quote, “Let’s expose whiteness as a fraudulent schema imposed as a means to justify economic and physical bondage”, explains how “white” people created the term to become superior and…show more content…
Furthermore, the tone of this article is informative because the author is informing her opinion which contradict with the society’s opinion that “white” and “black” are not races, but they are actually just an abstract belief that people created in order to gain benefits and to subjugate the minority social class. In addition, the author has constructed her article into paragraphs in order to explain her thoughts effectively. Her use of complex sentences also identify her a well educated and an academic
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