The Importance Of Colonialism In South Africa

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Invictus. Task number 1. South Africa have gone a long way to get where it is now. South Africa used to be a British colony, and then there was apartheid. After that, Nelson Mandela came and helped shape the country into what it is now. I am now going to describe this journey from slaves to modern society. Colonialism began in 1652 in South Africa, it was the slavery and forced labour model, this was the original model of colonisation brought by the Dutch. However the Africans were not just helpless victims, a lot of African rulers saw many benefits from maintaining contact with the Europeans and for a long time they engaged voluntarily with the Dutches on their own terms. Even with slavery, the Dutch did not have sufficient labour power to…show more content…
The Apartheid system was established, resulting in laws that separated the white people from the coloured people. This is commonly known as segregation. Being segregated meant that blacks and whites would be held apart completely. They would have different schools, hospitals, busses, beaches, and would even live in different parts of the cities. The South Africans had not rebelled much when South Africa was a colony, but this changed when the apartheid system was established. Then the original South-Afrikans opposed the government more than they had ever done…show more content…
At first, he spent 9 years at the Johannesburg's Marshall Square prison, after that he was transferred to a prison at Robben Island, where he spent the next 18 years. When Nelson was imprisoned, the government received a lot of pressure. Media outside South Africa gave the government a lot of pressure along with the black population in South Africa, they demanded that he would be set free. Because of all this pressure from both inside the country and outside, Nelson Mandela was released. He spent 27years in a tiny prison cell before he was

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