Brief Summary Of The Documentary 'Dark Girls'

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The documentary “Dark girls” begins with a guy who is asking a little black girl why she does not like to be called pretty black girl to what she responds that she is not black. For some people there is stigma in the word “black”. It has a negative connotation; it means to be ugly or dumb and not only for the little girl mentioned above but for all the little kids interviewed in this documentary. Many of these kids were asked to point at the smart kid or the pretty kid while looking at pictures of white kids and black kids. All of them pointed at the white kid and only pointed at the black kid when they were asked who was the dumb kid or the ugly kid. Viola Davis, black actress, affirms that the only image of black woman that she grew up with was her mother who used to live in a white prevalent neighborhood and used to be called “niger” or “ugly niger”. She never saw any role models of kindness or beauty that looked like her.…show more content…
The problem is that Black people was not really considered an important part of their society, since the majority of them were underestimated and used for labor. Not only underestimated but also exploited and excluded by means of the justice system. As Douglas S. Massey says on his reading called America Unequal; “During the 1970s, new mechanisms of racial exclusion and exploitation arose through the criminal justice system. Crimes likely to be committed by African Americans were singled out for longer sentences, judicial discretion was limited, paroled authority was curtailed, and harsher sentencing rules were

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