Fifteen Million Merits Analysis

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Society will reach a point of no return. There is so much reliance on technology that living without it will be unimaginable. Technology is isolating mankind to a point where humans will be willing to do whatever it takes to hold onto human intimacy. We are heading into a downhill spiral where technology will be so advanced that the enslavement of mankind will be ensured. At this point, many will try to find any way out no matter what the outcome. Like the decision Bing took in Fifteen Million Merits when he was willing to stand up and fight for his freedom, and the decision Gwen took in Advantageous where she was willing to give everything up for her daughter Jules. Both of their decisions are realistic because anyone is willing to…show more content…
Technology has taken a hold of Bing’s life, telling him when to work, when to wake up, and where to spend his money. Bing’s room consists of four walls that are made up of screens that tell him at what time to wake up. He has to work, pedaling a bike all day glued to a television set just to earn money that he can only use online with his animated avatar . The animated double resembles the same animation of the Nintendo Wii where you earn points (money) than can be used in the game for animated clothes or…show more content…
After getting everybody’s attention by putting a glass fragment from his room screen, he continues on to tell them “Yeah, stick a fat man up a pole and we’ll laugh ourselves feral cause we’ve earned the right, we’ve done cell time and he’s slacking the scum so ha ha ha at him. Cause we’re so out of our minds with desperation we don’t know any better. All we know is fake fodder and buying shit. That’s how we speak to each other, how we express ourselves is buying shit. I have a dream The peak of our dreams is a new hat for our doppel, a hat that doesn’t exist. It’s not even there, we buy shit that’s not even there. Show us something real and free and beautiful, you couldn’t. It’d break us, we’re too numb for it, our minds would choke. There’s only so much wonder we can bear, that’s why when you find any wonder whatsoever you dole it out in meager portions, and only then till it’s augmented and packaged and pumped through ten thousand pre-assigned filters” there was no hope left in his meaningless never ending life the on little diamond he had was cast of too an unforgivable

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