Persuasive Essay On Gun Control

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Gun laws need to be strengthened by implementing stricter owner limitations and stronger background checks. Guns can be very dangerous if they gets into the wrong hands. Less guns that people can buy, the better off people may be. Stricter handgun control laws and licensing are necessary to keep people more safe and less afraid. Students are becoming more hesitant to enter into schools. “School shootings are most commonly committed by either a student who attends the school or by an intruder from off campus within a particular school”(Morris 145). Every school shooting people hear about is a person that either goes to the school currently, or they are graduated from that particular school who has been either bullied or has been challenged…show more content…
Mentally sick people should not have guns if they are prone to commit a crime with the gun. “Crazed gunman don’t follow gun safety laws, and generally don’t have concealed carry licenses. Some students get their guns from their grandparents or parents, after killing them”(Nedzel 432). The crazed gunman who wants to hurt other people are not going to follow any of the gun rules nor the rules that follow behind, they do not feel like they need to. “Everyday about 80 people in the united states are killed by a gun, usually by someone they know or by themselves”(“The Journal of Family Practice” 653), this is a statistic about how common it is for someone to die from a gun. Some people feel the need to end other people’s or their own life because they feel unwanted, or something traumatic has happened before. The intruder always has a connection with the place or persons involved in the shooting or the crime they had committed. Other people might say “guns kill people, not people kill people”, which is their opinion but a false statement because the person committing the shooting, they are the ones pulling the trigger not the gun itself. People should not be able to buy guns anywhere but they should have to go to a credible gun store with a strict background check and buyer policy in

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