Comparing Earnest In The Sandlot And Ernest Scared Stupid

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The two films discussed in this paper are the Ernest series, but the main one is Ernest Scared Stupid and The Sandlot both of these movies show how hard it is to fit in no matter what the age is. The Earnest series and Ernest Scared Stupid follows a town idiot who does not get along well with the adults but gets along great with the children. It also fallows Smalls from The Sandlot and how he tries to fit in with all the children in the neighborhood as he learns what baseball is. Both of these films show how two different age groups are affected when trying to fit in. Trying to fit in The whole point of trying to fit in is finding a place in society where a person belongs whether as a child or as an adult. The two movies that are similar in trying to fit in are all the Ernest movies starring Jim Varney who never fit in with anyone except for with the children and his dog Rim Shot, and The Sandlot which follows Smalls around while he is trying to fit in. In the movies when they show people trying to fit in the movie companies make it easier than what it really is for most adults and children. Now a days some children are shy and do not make friends very easy especially moving to a new town and going to a new school, and that is the same way for some adults as…show more content…
Just like Smalls it is hard for children these days when their families move to a new town and go to a new school and how hard it is to fit in. For Ernest it shows almost the same thing that it does for children when they adults get a new job or move to a new town how hard it could be also. As an adult starting a new job they feel out of place and some feel like they do not belong for how some of the employees treat them. That makes some of the adults feel that they should not even be there because of them having to be trained on what to

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