Heroine Murder Theories

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Since the earliest days of society we’ve been trying to explain why criminals commit the crimes they do, and how to prevent them from committing them. Today, there are many different schools of thought on why criminals commit crimes. Our heroine murder can be explained with five biggest theories, classical theory, psychological theory, sociological theory, the social process, and conflict theory. Classical Theory Classical theory emphasizes that humans, including criminals, are rational beings and can weigh the pro’s and con’s of a crime before committing it. This make sentencing and law making trickier as all situations should be explored to make sure the punishment is harsh enough to deter the crime from happening, but not so harsh the…show more content…
In our heroine murder case, the suspect might have some underlying psychological problems that contributed to their criminal behavior. With previous arrests of prostitution, distribution of narcotics, and possession of narcotics; the suspect obviously has some complicated mental issues with her sexual behavior and substance abuse, both of which are coping mechanisms used by emotionally damaged individuals. Maybe the suspect was a victim of abuse as a child, and never was able to form healthy relationships as an adult so she self medicated with drugs. These psychological issues could play a part in her self destructive lifestyle and pattern of criminal…show more content…
Our suspect in the heroine murder case was a self destructive drug dealers, who sold drugs to an also self destructive user who lacked self control and overdosed. If she hadn’t sold him the drugs, somebody else would of, and the outcome would have probably been the same. It also examines how crime is a learned behavior. There’s a lot of complexities to the types of crimes the suspect engaged in. She was essentially running businesses away from the eye of the public and law, large enough to draw customers and income, but small enough to not draw heat. This is not easy to do, and she had to learn it from

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