Beowulf: Endearing Death Of Shield Sheafson

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Anab Abdulle Different Funerals Beowulf starts out with the endearing death of Shield Sheafson. Shield Sheafson was the founder of the tribe Danes. He sent off on his trip to find this “treasure” in which everyone in the tribe is looking for. His death comes to an end very soon within the story. But, the crazy thing is people do not mourn of his death, they think of him and all the great things he has done... As one of the tribe members was descibing Shield Sheafson in his funeral, they said,” Shield was stull thriving when his time came/and he crossed over to the Lord’s keeping” (Heaney 23). Saying that Shield Sheafson stil had so many things in life to accomplish, yet he set off on his jouney, basically risking his life to end up looking for a tribes treasure. In Anglo-Saxon…show more content…
Therefore, if someone dies in a heroic way they will most definitely be praised. Moving on to the most treachourous battle of all; the one between the dragon and Beowulf. Beowulf knows he has to battle this dragon for the sake of his tribe. In the duration of his lengthy battle with the ferocious dragon, the dragon ends up striking him straight in the stomach. Beowulf is obviously in excruciating pain, yet he does not stop fighting. A noble “friend” Wiglaf sees this going on and he attempts to help Beowulf. He plans his on attack tactic and goes in. Wiglaf stabs the dragon straight in the neck and soon after, the dragon falls to his long awaited for death. Now, Beowulf knows he is about to die as well and he asks Wiglaf of one thing and one thing

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