How Do Accents Affect Communication?

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In recently, People they being judged the manner when they having a conversations with English and have a strong foreign accent and are difficult to understand when they say, and not takingeffective conversations. What is an accent? An accent refers to the single method that communication is pronounced by a group of people who speaking in the similar language. A person has accent depends on several factors; but, accents are typicallyassembled in the following way: - Regional Accents - such as, people who are from England different than people who are from America. - Foreign Accents - such as, a person who was speaking English will sound different than a person who was speaking Spanish and learned English as agrown-up. Accents are an ordinary part of pronounced languages. It is essential to understand that no accent is better than another. It should also be worried about…show more content…
A good accent is thinking about the skill to communicate clearly. Accent matters because the additional normal accent is, the more truly people will respond to you and treat you like a colleague, rather than a foreigner who needs a unlike kind of attention. How do accents affect communication? Accents reflect the single features and background of a person. A lot of people take great pride in their accents. However, some people might have difficulty collaborating because of their accent. These problems contain with the following: - People not understanding - Avoiding social communication withwho might not understand you - Prevention from having to repeat yourself all the time - People concentrating on your accent more thanwhat you are trying to say These kinds of communication problems may possibly have harmful effects ON job, educational and daily life activities. It may also negatively affect your self-confidence if you are having trouble collaborating because of an accent. For all reasons, some people want to change their accent. What happens if your accent is by

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