Book Review: The Gangster We Are All Looking For

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Book Review One The book called The Gangster We Are All Looking For is written by lê thi diem thúy. She is a Vietnamese female who immigrated from Vietnam and was raised in southern California. The book she wrote is about a young girl, her father, and her four uncles who were rescued from a fishing boat off the coast of Vietnam. She claims that, “Ba and I were connected to the four uncles, not by blood but by water. The six of us had stepped into the South China Sea together...we floated across the sea” (3). A man named Mr. Russel, who was in the Navy, heard that they were on their way to California and he decided to take them into his home. Unfortunately, Mr. Russel passed away before the family got to San Diego; therefore, his son Mel,…show more content…
race is still an issue. San Diego is such a diverse city and while I’ve been in nursing school, I’ve taken care of those from many different cultures. One thing I have learned and need to continue to work on is to never assume anything about someone. I once had a patient who was very adamant about being on the fetal heart rate monitor. She had just moved here from Iraq and was living here alone. As nurses we are always taught to be sensitive to different cultural norms. So I simply assumed this must have been a custom for her culture and I did not ask any questions. Later, I was looking through her history and noticed that she had a previous pregnancy. When I went into her room and asked her about this, she began to cry and told a story of how he did not make it to a refugee camp with her. I feel like I failed in this situation. Just because she is culturally different I assumed this was a normal action. I did not think to ask the questions and perform care and compassion appropriately. From this I learned I need to be more culturally sensitive in these types of situations. I realize I may not know everything, but at least I am aware of how it is important to have respect for other

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