Hardy Heros Journey

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During the 1800s, thousands of adventurous, heroic pioneers ventured west, lured by their desire for gold and cheap land. They crossed through the prairies of the Midwest, enduring both physical and mental challenges. Settlers had to encounter natural disasters, outlaws, and even Indians. Over the course of the intense adventure novel Down the Long Hills by Louis L'Amour, the protagonist Hardy Collins faces a series of challenges that push him to go through the challenging and rewarding hero’s journey. The initial stage of the hero’s journey that Hardy encounters is innocence about the horrors of Indians. He is naive about the many dangers that Indians pose. Of course, Hardy has heard countless stories about the fierce and…show more content…
Hardy is faced with an unexpected Indian raid on his wagon train. There was “an awful lot of smoke! All of a sudden, he was scared...he had listened to stories of Indian attacks...realize now what had happened” (5). All the adults that were in camp are dead, and now he must act as the responsible leader at only seven years of age after the unspeakable Indian massacre has occurred. Hardy must be in charge and take care of both himself and Betty Sue to ensure that they both make it to Fort Bridger alive and well. After his initiation, Hardy must overcome several situations of complete and utter chaos using cunning and wisdom. He never reaches a state of denial during his hero’s journey. Instead, he uses his wisdom to get out of difficult and dangerous situations. He is in a place of chaos when he is stuck in the rock crevice surrounded by Indians. If he runs out, Indians might kill him, but if he stays, Cal, the outlaw, might shoot. He uses cunning and wisdom to figure out that Cal cannot shoot. Cal cannot do so because if he attempts to fire at the kids, the Indians will kill him. Later, when everyone is distracted in the pandemonium, Hardy grabs Betty Sue, and "they darted out from under the end of the overhang and ran for the woods”

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