Beowulf Tragic Hero

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The 1000 year old epic by Seamus Heaney, rewritten as a graphic novel by Gareth Hinds; Beowulf is about the adventures of the main protagonist Beowulf, who conquers many challenges and vanquishes evil. Beowulf exemplifies characteristics of a true hero throughout his adventures. However, despite his death, he is not a tragic hero because he does not epitomize a tragic flaw or any flaw he had did not lead to his tragic downfall. Beowulf characterizes an ideal hero because of his selfless attitude and noble deeds. According to the graphic novel by Gareth Hinds Beowulf states, “Many deeds of note have I done in my life, and now the reports of the monster Grendel have brought me to your land…So now I am come, my lord King, to fight single-handed…show more content…
For example, “the King was slain and all his nobles with him, save Beowulf only. Then Beowulf took the kingdom upon himself, ruling its people prudently for fifty years, warding them well.”(Hinds Book 3) After Beowulf’s success in defeating Grendel he arrived back in Geatland. However, the King Hygelac was at war with the with the Frisia kingdom and was later killed in battle along with the rest of his famous chiefs. Beowulf had taken upon the kingdom himself because he was the prince. This is significant because, instead of taking his position as king for granted he was sensible and compassionate. He did not develop an overconfident selfish attitude as a tragic flaw. Beowulf faced an inevitable death but not due to any flaw. According to Hinds Beowulf states, “Many a fight, my friends, have I fought since my youth, always first in the ranks to meet the enemy. Such deeds have I done in times past, and yet one more will I do.”(Hinds Book 3) When a dragon terrorizes the kingdom, Beowulf steps up to save them. This is significant, because his death was not due to his overconfidence in his strength or any type of flaw, but rather his duty as a king. Beowulf’s job was to protect his kingdom, because no one was able to stop the dragon themselves which is why he took the responsibility of defeating the dragon himself despite the consequences. Ultimately, Beowulf did not show any sign of tragic flaw or flaw that consequently led to his

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