Happy One Year Anniversary Speech

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Happy one year anniversary When i first started talking to you it was a hard time in my life at that point and you were there for me when i needed someone. We talked for a week or so and then kate told me something that i was hoping to hear and she told me that you like me i told you and said not to kill you sister but i already new that it was going to happen. I know that kate gets on your nerves sometimes but she is the main reason i had the guts to ask you out and i new that you would treat me right and would not hurt me i new that because of by the way you were just being there for me when i had know one there. The first few months was really fun in also included our first vacation together which was the best time of my life i had so much fun with you and i know that it was hard for you to go…show more content…
I don't remember how long in the relationship it was when we had a break because of a lot of problems but i understood and i will always understand if you need to talk to me or you just don't want to talk at all i will understand. Yay! We are back to school and i know we both don't want summer to end but it has to we hit a couple of ruffe spots here and there but we got through it because we are a strong relationship. I feel like i am talking a lot but i am almost done and buy the way i love you and don't forget it so know we have got to the point where i have the choice between two classes and i took band because now that i realize band is life i had a really good band season with you i have realized that i hate josh but that's just because he is your ex and he gets close to you but i can handle it. I am sorry i will skip to present day now. Hey happy one year anniversary i love you with all of my heart and i will never stop you are the most smartest and beautiful girl in the world through the year that i have dated you i realized that the are very strong and independent but you are loosening up a little bit because you know that i am

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