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Hapag – Lloyd Corporate Core Values  Corporate Governance Commits to corporate values and accepted ethnical and moral rules that apply inside and outside the organization.  Integrity and Transparency Doing the right things for the right reasons. Treating people fairly and with respect.  Teamwork The ability to work in union to The ability achieve a common goal.  Our People Our people are the central movers of the organization.  Innovation Process by which new ideas for continuous improvement and breakthroughs toward organizational effectiveness and efficiency are promoted and institutionalized.  Excellence A talent or quality which is unusually good and surpasses ordinary standards.It is also aimed for standard of performance. History…show more content…
But the origins of these shipping lines go back much further: Hapag was founded in Hamburg in 1847 by local merchants and NDL in Bremen in 1857. The lines initially carried mainly European emigrants eager to start a new life in America. The relationship between Hapag and NDL was for a long time something special, for while they were competitors, from the 19th century onwards they both repeatedly established joint ventures. In 1848, The board of directors wish to create “something outstanding” and this is also apparent in its novel corporate philosophy. Hapag for the first time sees its passengers not as human freight, but as customers whose business needs to be sought. The fully-rigged sailing-ship "Deutschland" enters service on 15 October, offering even emigrants modest yet noticeable improvements appropriate to the times. "Service at Sea" is a concept that means success. In 1852, Hapag pays its shareholders a dividend of four percent for the first time. Since a united Germany does not yet exist, its sailing ships fly the red-white…show more content…
An extremely challenging year ends with only a small deficit, while almost all competitors book heavy losses running into triple-digit millions. In the summer Hapag – Lloyd celebrates the 125th anniversary of its Far East and Australia services. Shortly before the end of the year, Hapag – Lloyd also joins five Asian partner shipping companies in launching the new G6 Alliance for the Asia – Europe trade. End of 2013, Hapag – Lloyd entered into what would eventually be successful negotiations with the Chilean shipping company CSAV and took over its container shpping company in December 2014. As a result, Hapag-Lloyd became the fourth- largest liner shipping company in the world. In return, CSAV received a 30 percent stake in Hapag-Lloyd , which was then increased to a 34 percent stake as a result of a cash capital increase. Today the owners of Hapag – Lloyd AG are CSAV (34%), the City of Hamburg (HGV, 23.2%), Kühne Maritime (20.8%), TUI (13.9%), Signal Iduna (3.3%), HSH Nordbank (1.8%), M.M.Warburg & CO (1.8%, including two private investors) and HanseMerkur (1.1%). CSAV, HGV and Kühne Maritime have agreed to pool 51% of the shares in Hapag-Lloyd in order to discuss and make key

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