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A type of food that has special significance to me is Haitian Food. This type of cuisine mainly consist of dishes with rice, pork, fish, and plantain. This type of food has helped me remember where my ancestors came from, thus keeping me close to my roots. A specific dish that has special significance is called “Tassot Vyann with Fried Plantain or Griot Bannann peze”, which in english means fried pork with fried plantain.This dish is perfect for people who do not like to make a mess with sauces, and can also be very satisfying for someone who is one the rush. A lot of Haitian cuisine has been americanized and you can find this particular Caribbean delicacy in any Haitian-American store. This dish contains special significance because just…show more content…
I would always smell the salty savory smell of the pork frying. At that moment, I would instantly get up and either run to see the food being prepared or walk to the table and wait for the food to finish. I would always love to add something called "Pikliz" ,which is made of cabbage,carrot, onion and peppers. Then the ingredients are left to marinate in plain white vinegar, forming what is considered to be “Haitian hot sauce”. I would always love to put the pikliz on my fried pork and plantain, making the dish way more worthwhile eating. The smell of the added pikliz would give the dish such a savory and delicious smell that could never stop my mouth from watering. I always tended to eat the plantain with the pikliz, which made it have a crunchy, tangy, and buttery/salty taste to it. Whenever I would eat the pork, I would tend to try and eat the cabbage and other veggies from the pikliz with whatever piece of meat I could pick up. The fried pork had a nice seasoned tasted to it. After you bite past the crunchy outer layer, the meat would always be soft and chewy. Even up until now, I still find this specific Haitian cuisine to have a special significance to

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